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UPDATE: November 2022

December 2021, April and August 2022 certificates are ready for collection. There will be a mass issuance till Saturday, 3 December 2022 at kasneb towers from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. Alternatively you could request for postage to Atach copy of ID, Postal address and Phone number


UPDATE May 2021

Certificates are ready. However, we are sending the certificates to students via registered mail. Kindly advise students to send written requests via for their November 2020 certificates to be sent to them. They should indicate their registration number, phone number, a reliable postal address and attach a copy of their national ID. No picking.



Graduates and continuing students of kasneb examinations who qualified for award of examination certificates in the May and November 2019 examinations sitting are hereinformed that their certificates for Professional and Diploma examinations are ready.

  • CPA KASNEB  Certificates
  • ATD KASNEB  Certificates
  • CS KASNEB  Certificates
  • CIFA KASNEB  Certificates
  • CICT KASNEB  Certificates
  • DICT KASNEB  Certificates
  • CCP KASNEB  Certificates
  • DCM KASNEB  Certificates

You are advised to note the following:

(a) Certificates should be collected in person at kasneb Towers, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi from Saturday, 7 March 2020 to Sunday, 15 March 2020 from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

(b) Either of the following categories of documents will be required at the time of collection:

i) The National Identity Card\Valid Passport

ii) Kasneb student identity card.

(c) Graduates and continuing students who may wish to have their certificates posted to them through registered mail  should send their written request together with certified copies of the documents listed in No.(b) above and provide their mobile telephone numbers and reliable postal address through which their certificates will be posted. The written requests may also be delivered at kasneb Huduma Centre counters located at GPO-Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kisii, Eldoret and Nyeri. Those wishing to use email can send their requests to

Kasneb will post these certificates using registered postal mail to the addresses provided and will not be responsible for non-receipt of the certificates.

(d) Certificates that shall remain uncollected shall attract a storage fee of Sh.100 per month with effect from Thursday, 1 April 2020.


All students who have not collected their certificates for the 2018 examinations sittings and years before are advised to note that a discounted storage fee will be levied provided that the students collect or request for postage of their certificates between 1 March 2020 and 31 March 2020. The discounted storage fees are as follows:

i) Certificates for 2018 examinations sittings, Sh. 500 per certificate,

ii) Certificates for 2017 examinations sittings and before, Sh, 1,000 per certificate

The levies apply only for the month of March 2020,



  1. Review yourating marking nowadays, you are failing us accountants, I did CPA sec 3 back 2018 May, you failed me, I combined 3 and 4,December 2018,you failed me again, now have done section 3 alone, you have failed me, Now my question is for all that period,does it mean my mind is so dull that I fail all those subjects, for all that time.Do you know how I struggle to look for the fees to educate myself for sure?

    1. Stephen, Sec 3 is relatively harder to get as opposed to sec 4. You should have done section per section if you’re working, constrained of time and fees. I did just that and I’ve passed my sec 4 without a refer, though I has had one in sec 3. Move at your own pace but study harder.
      But most importantly attend classes especially in non theory subjects like F.R and F.M. They aren’t easy to crack without a tutor’s aid. Best wishes

  2. That’s the journey with almost all finance professional papers. Sometimes you can sit for paper 5times and that doesn’t meant you mind is dull or the marking is selective.
    All o can advise is just as advised above, attend classes, embrace group study mode and you will realise how significant you will improve your chances of passing. Again, sec3 is never an easy go.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Irene Lavinia Kyalo.A former student of Kasneb Registration number NAC/198681.
    How do get my certificates as am currently in Nandi hills.

    Kind regards,

  4. I sat for CPA part 2 back in may 2015. Am i still eligible to continue with section 5 & 6. And can i collect my certificates for section 1,2,3 and 4 and what charges will i incure


  6. What happens to someone who is unable to pay storage fees. I have two certificates attained in 2009 but I cant raise the accumulated storage fees. And the certificates wouldn’t do me much because of my age. Wouldn’t it be prudent to exempt charging the overstayed certificates?

  7. Hello Adm?
    Kindly help me to get my certificates waiving the accumulated storage charges so that i use them to attend interviews.
    Anytime i’m called for an interview, I’m asked for the originals.
    Kindly help

  8. Are the certificates for graduands of August 2021 sitting out?, Kindly update us. They are highly needed during interviews and for registration for further studies

  9. I did my car foundation level and fail in one unite, can I get my certificate or must i complete the all unites ? And again am asking if certificate for those who sirt for April 2022 exam for cpa are out and how can I pick mine?

  10. i need to collect my certificates and i understand there is storage fee,am requesting to know the amount due so i can make arrangements to pay and collect.

  11. i have not collected my cpa 1 certificate since 2013. i have been not around so what are the procedures to collect it

    1. Just visit kasneb towers. They will hand it over to you. But you will pay storage fee Less than 5k

  12. i have not collected my cpa 1 certificate since 2011. what is the procedure for collecting it?

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