CCP notes, CCP Revision kits, PART I, SECTION 1, Credit Management, Commercial Law, Entrepreneurship and Communication, SECTION 2, Economics, Principles of Accounting, Public Finance and Taxation, PART II, SECTION 3, Company Law, Financial Management, Marketing and Public Relations, SECTION 4, Law Governing Credit Practice, Management Information Systems, Quantitative Analysis, PART III, SECTION 5, Strategy, Governance and Ethics, Banking Law and Practice, Credit Management in the Financial Sector, SECTION 6, Debt Recovery, Corporate Lending, Credit Practice

Certified Credit Professionals (CCP)


Section 1

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Section 2

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Section 3

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Section 4

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Section 5

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Section 6

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  • CP61: Debt recovery – Click to View
  • CP62: Corporate lending – Click to View
  • CP63: Credit Practice – Click to View

Certified Credit Professionals are skilled and competent top level managers, practitioners and consultants in the rapidly developing field of credit management.

NB: Common papers in bold

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    I wish to continue with CCP. I had stopped for some time for personal reasons. I understand you have had several changes in the syllabus. Considering this, if I was to resume, which subjects am I left with.

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