Transition Advisory For CPA Advanced Level Students From Old Structure to New Structure

Kindly note that this only applies to students who were in advanced level under old structure but did not manage to complete all their 6 papers August 2022 sitting. If you were under old structure and managed to pass all the 6 papers that’s LM(SGE), AFR, AFM, AT, AAA & AMA August 2022 sitting, you are a CPA finalist.

Note: Compulsory papers are LM, AFR & AFM. Specialization papers are AT, AAA, AMA (In this case let’s leave APFM a bit since it was not required to be done those under old structure).

Transition Advisory

  1. If the only paper(s) that you have not yet passed is compulsory, you’re required to retake it then after passing that’s when you will do the Business and Data Analytics practical paper.
  2. If you have already passed three compulsory papers but you don’t have a pass in at least one of specialization paper, you’re required to choose to do either AT, AAA or AMA in December sitting then after passing that’s when you will do the practical paper.
  3. If you have a pass in all the three compulsory papers and at least one specialization papers, you qualify to do Business and Data Analytics practical paper in December sitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I failed in AFR only, will I do AFR?

Yes, since that’s a compulsory paper you gave to do it then after completing you will do practical paper.

2. If I failed AFR, AMA & AT, what’s the next move?

Since you already have a pass in AAA which is an elective paper, you ignore AMA & AT but do only AFR in December sitting.

3. I passed LM, AT & AAA in old structure, what is the way forward?

You are required to do AFM & AFR only in December then after completing those two, you will qualify to do practical paper.

4.I had a retake in two papers, am I eligible to combine it with practical paper?

No, you retake two papers first then after completing that’s when you will be eligible to book for practical paper. This is because you’re required to complete theory papers first before proceeding to practical paper.

5. I failed AMA only, what’s the way forward?

You’re not required to retake AMA. You qualify to do the practical paper in December sitting.

6. I failed AAA & AFM?

You’re required to do AFM paper only in December sitting since you’ve passed at least one specialization paper.

7. I was in old structure, failed AAA & AFR. Can I drop AAA and specialize in AT?

Yes since you had already passed AT, you can leave AAA and just do AFR paper only in December sitting.

8. For those of us who are done with CPA, does it mean that we are not eligible for Data Analytics paper?

Yes, you’re not required to do it since you already finished CPA under old structure.

9. If I failed AMA and passed AAA, can I drop AMA since I’ve fulfilled requirement for specialization?

Yes, you should drop AMA.

10. I failed AFM and passed AAA?

You’re required to retake AFM paper since it’s compulsory.

11. Passed LM only in December 2021, kindly advice?

You’re required to do AFM, AFR and one specialization paper or two incase you want to double specialize either AT, AAA, AMA or APFM.

12. Up to how many papers can I specialize in?

You’re required to specialize at most 2 papers.

13. About the workshop and experience. I already have the experience since I work in an accounting firm, will it be necessary to go to the workshops?

Since you already have experience, you’re not required to attend workshops or work based simulations.

14. Once I complete theory papers in December sitting, when is the next Data Analytics practical paper?

The next practical paper will be examined in April 2023.

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  1. Hello, i Double specialised and failed one under the new structure. Kindly advise if i can do the practical paper

  2. I did the old syllabus and passes AMA. I was advised to do 3 papers AFm,AT and LM. Which other paper am I supposed to do to take data analytics paper?

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