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kasneb students forum

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  1. If you have paid for exemption for a paper that is not in the revised syllabus what happens?

    1. If a candidate has Paid for exemptions in a paper which is no longer in the syllabus or the paper has been moved to a lower level which candidate has already completed, the monies Paid will be credited to the candidate

  2. KASNEB what if i paid exemption for a paper and the paper have been moved to a higher level. What will happen?

    1. Note that exemptions stand for papers moved to higher level. You will not be required to sit for the papers since you are already exempted.

  3. Are we supposed to pay for exemption for Management Accounting and Taxation that have been moved to section 4?

  4. What of MA and public finance will we pay exemption fees for the same and we did it already?

    1. Kindly note that practical paper on Business and Data Analytics will be rolled out after April 2022 sitting

  5. How will the credited monies be used for example if the paper in question was management accounting or taxation?

    1. Please note that exemptions for papers moved to higher level still stands. You will not be required to sit the papers since you are already exempted.

  6. Will we be required to sit for QA and MIS that was in the old syllabus sec 4 considering they have moved to foundation level?

    1. You will not be required to sit for the papers since they have been moved to lower level.

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