Governance and Ethics Recommended Textbooks: Reading List


  1. Boards That Deliver: Advancing Corporate Governance From Compliance to Competitive Advantage   by    Ram Charan 1st edition
  2. Business Ethics Now   by    Andrew Ghillyer 4th edition
  3. Human Values and Professional Ethics   by    Jayshree Suresh 3rd edition
  4. Corporate Governance   by   Christin Mallin 4th edition
  5. Corporate Governance in Developing Economies: Country Studies of Africa, Asia and Latin America   by    Robert W. McGee 2009
  6. Corporate Governance   by    John Colley 1st edition
  7. Law and Ethics in the Business Environment   by    Terry Halbert 8th edition
  8. Business Ethics : A Textbook with Cases   by    William H. Shaw 8th edition
  9. Codes of Governance e.g Mwongozo / Handbooks of Capital Markets Authority
  10. Study texts / Revision guides