Diploma in Information Communication Technology(DICT)

Level I

Paper No:

  • TD11    Introduction to Computing
  • TD12    Computer Mathematics
  • TD13    Entrepreneurship and Communication
  • TD14    Computer Applications Practical I

 Level II

Paper No:

  • TD21    Computer Networking
  • TD22    Internet Skills
  • TD23    Computer Support and Maintenance
  • TD24    Programming Concepts

Level III

Paper No:

  • TD31    Principles of Web Development
  • TD32    Foundations of Accounting
  • TD33    Information Systems Project Skills
  • TD34    Computer Applications Practical II

The Diploma in Information Communication Technology equips the candidates with the technical know-how and skills necessary to work in the dynamic ICT industry as technicians in systems development, systems programming, internet and networking, administration and maintenance.

NB: Common papers in bold

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