CPSP-K Past Papers, CPSP-K notes, CPSP-K Revision kits, Certified procurement and supply professional of Kenya, PART I, Organizational Environment, Procurement of Goods, Services and Works, Procurement Planning, Supply Chain Management Information Systems, Contract Law and Negotiation, Finance for Procurement, PART II, Supply Chain Management for SMEs, Procurement Costing and Budgeting, Procurement of Consultancy Services, Procurement Audit and Risk Management, Quantitative Techniques, Category Management, PART III, Sustainable Procurement, International Procurement, Logistics and Inventory Management, Research in Procurement, Operations Management, PART IV, Procurement Governance, Strategic Supply Chain Management, Procurement Leadership, Project Management, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Research Project in Procurement and Supply

CPSP-K Part I notes

  • PL1.01 Understanding Organizational Environment
  • PL1.02 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
  • PL1.03 Public Procurement
  • PL1.04 Asset Management and Managerial Accounting
  • PL1.05 Category Management
  • PL1.06 Supply Chain Management for SMEs

CPSP-K Part II notes

  • PL2.01 Supply Chain Management Information Systems
  • PL2.02 Finance in Supply Chain Management
  • PL2.03 Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • PL2.04 Operations Management in Practice
  • PL2.05 Project and Contract Management
  • PL2.06 Supply Chain Audit and Risk Management

CPSP-K Part III notes

  • PL3.01 Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • PL3.02 Leadership and Governance in Supply Chain
  • PL3.03 Global Logistics Management
  • PL3.04 Research in Supply Chain Management
  • PL3.05 Consultancy in Supply Chain Management
  • PL3.06 Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • PL3.07 Industry-based Learning

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