CICT notes, CICT Revision kits, PART I, SECTION 1, Introduction to Computing, Computer Applications – Practical, Entrepreneurship and Communication, SECTION 2, Operating Systems – Practical, Principles of Accounting, Computer Support and Maintenance, PART II, SECTION 3, Database Systems, System Analysis and Design, Structured Programming, SECTION 4, Object Oriented Programming, Web design and e-Commerce, Data Communication and Computer Networks (Practical), PART III, SECTION 5, Strategy, Governance and Ethics, Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, SECTION 6, Systems Security, Information Systems Project Management, Research Methods

Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT)


Section 1

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Section 2

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  • CT21 Operating Systems – Practical
  • CT22  Principles of Accounting
  • CT23  Computer Support and Maintenance


Section 3     

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  • CT31  Database Systems
  • CT32 Systems Analysis and Design
  • CT33  Structured Programming

Section 4

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  • CT41  Object Oriented Programming
  • CT42  Web Design and e-Commerce
  • CT43  Data Communication and Computer Networks – Practical


Section 5

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  • CT51  Strategy, Governance and Ethics
  • CT52  Software Engineering
  • CT53  Mobile Application Development

Section 6

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  • CT61  Systems Security
  • CT62  Information Systems Project Management
  • CT63  Research Methods

ICT Project

CICT candidates are required to undertake an ICT project after successfully completing the above 18 papers. The project must commence within 12 months after completing the papers.

Certified Information Communication Technologists are skilled and competent system developers and programmers, network administrators, system engineers, ICT consultants and practitioners.

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