Additional statements and reports which could be included as part of the annual accounts of reporting entity

  1. A statement showing how the benefits of the efforts of an entity are shared between employees, providers of capital, the state and reinvestment. This statement will assist users to evaluate the economic performance of the entity. It is generally known as “value added statement”.
  2. Users will need to assess the performance of the entity in relation to employees. A report showing the size and composition of workforce relying on the entity for livelihood, the work contribution of employees and benefits earned would be useful. This is known as an employment report.
  3. Users may wish to assess the relationship between the entity and state. Thus a statement of money exchanges with the government will assist users to assess the economic function of the entity in relation to the society.
  4. A statement of future prospects, showing likely future profits, employment and investment levels. This statement will assist users to evaluate the future prospects of the entity and assess managerial performance.
  5. A statement of corporate objectives showing management policy and medium- term strategic targets. This statement will assist users to evaluate managerial performance, efficiency and objectives.
  6. A statement of the social and environment impact of the entity on the society surrounding it.
  7. A statement of the „risk‟ inherent in the entity. Providing information on the potential risks associated with the entity‟s activities may enable users to assess the possible consequence of materialization of that risk and whether suitable measures have been taken to mitigate it.
  8. Past trends in key financial figures and ratios, key financial highlights and stock trend data.
  9. Information in respect of innovations in the organization that will develop tangible and intangible capital/assets in the future.

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